Geo-Network of Latin American–German Geoscientists and Geoengineers

The GOAL network brings together Latin American geoscientists and geoengineers, who carried out part of their professional education in Germany, with German colleagues, whose geoscientific work is oriented towards Latin America. This Geo-Network focuses on encouraging professional cooperation between Latin American and German geoscience communities as well as companies active in the fields of geosciences and geoengineering. Within this scope, GOAL contributes to finding geo-partners in Germany and Latin America, and to obtaining and spreading information on scholarship programs and joint research options offered in Germany.

GOAL members are very much familiar both with the modern trends in geosciences in their countries as well as with what is going on in the geosciences in Germany. GOAL is about meeting alumni and new people from their region and field and promoting exchange. GOAL organizes workshops and seminars as part of its continuous program of professional education and training.

GOAL greatly acknowledges the financial support by the German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischen Austauschdienst, DAAD) for the organization of the network.